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Clean Code 1.0

I decided to read “Clean code” by Robert C. Martin again since it is such an inspiring book.

Here are  some key takeaways from the first chapter:

  • We all know that later equals never! -> A working mess is better than nothing. I’ll clean it up later. Naah, NO WAY that’s true!
  • In chapter 1 Uncle Bob points out that we like to blame the circumstances for bad code. “The requirements changed, there was too little time .. ” We should dare to blame ourselves. We know best what kind of requirements we need to create good code. We know best how much time implementing the logic will cost. That means that we have to speak up at the right time. Protecting ourselves from coming into a situation where we have too little time. We have the voice to speak up when we feel something ugly is coming. So do it. Speak up.
  • Code-sense: having a feeling for whether the code is good or bad.
  • Clean code is focused. Do one thing and do it well.
  • Readability is key. Code is being read 10 times more than it is being written.
  • Cleanliness is tied with tests.
  • Leave the campground cleaner than you found it. If everyone leaves the code a little better than they found it, there will be a gradual increase in code quality.

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