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Clean Code 3.0 – Functions

“The first rule of functions is that they should be small. The second rule of functions is that they should be smaller than that”

  • a function should only do one thing: A function that only does steps that are one level below the stated nane of the function, then the function is doing one thing.
  • Avoid switch statements. If you need them abstract them away using an ABSTRACT FACTORY PATTERN
  • a function should have a max indent of 2
  • a function should only have one or two arguments. Three arguments need special justification. Four arguments is not done.
  • a function should not have side effects. It should not do anything that isn’t implied by its name.
  • a fuction should either do something or answer something (get something). Functions that change state should not return values and functions that return values should not return state.
  • Use Exceptions above error codes

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