Long time have I been eager to do some more frontend stuff. Finally I found the time to play around with Ionic.

As I am completely new to this, I checked out the getting started over here.


Ionic is a framework that allows you to create mobile apps using web technologies (html, css, javascript). Cordova is what packages all components of the app to something iOS or Android native.

If you wanna get started with Ionic install ionic and cordova . ( npm -i -g ionic cordova )

My takeaways from the tutorial:

    • ionic info will show you info about the version of ionic, npm, cordova ..
    • ionic start myNewIonicApp blank --type=angular : create a new ionic app. This downloads a template for a blank app and install the framework dependencies
    • ionic serve : start serving your app at localhost:8100/webpack-dev-server
    • if you want to see your app as it would be on iOS or Android install npm install @ionic/lab and serve with ionic lab
    • angular.json: configures your project
    • conifg.xml: important once native project is build
    • e2e folder: configure tests
    • platform folder: contains native projects
    • plugins folder: cordova plugins
    • src/app folder: entrypoint for your app
    • dependencies to install to build for iOS: npm install -g ios-sim ios-deploy
    • build into a native iOS project: ionic cordova platform add ios and ionic cordova build ios -> you can now open the code in Xcode

I went through the tutorial quick an easy. Seems like I’ll be using this when I create a mobile app..

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