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I wanted to compare CloudFormation and SAM with Terraform which I know from work. The following tutorials are really great if you want to get started with CloudFormation: How CloudFormation works — by tongueroo: Youtube BlogPost Getting started with AWS SAM — by Foo Bar: Youtube For a deeper dive, more info and sample templates:  AWS docs



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Did you know that: classes used as generic type parameters possibly have nothing to do with each other. public class Store<T>{…} Store<Candy> candyStore = new Store<>{}; Store<Animal> animalStore = new Store<>{}; Type erasure is removing the generics syntax from your code at compile time. public static <E> boolean containsSomeThing(E [] listOfThings, E someThing){ for (E […]


Angular – Guestbook

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Summary Guestbook-angular-app As a developer it is good to know about frontend and backend development. Since I do mainly backend stuff during my day job, I decided to familiarise more with Angular. I took the guestbook ( and decided to also make it available as an Angular app here. As usual you can find the […]