Floating point numbers

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You certainly heard people speaking about 32 bit  or 64 bit computers. Now what does it mean to store a number in a 32 bit representation? Instead of going very deep into it I am going to give an high level overview and some examples. There are enough websites out there with a lot of info […]



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Java Database Connectivity I’ll start off with a small example and then give a couple of pointers regarding JDBC.   Example This example connects to a MySQL database. I’m querying the superhero database which originally contains 2 rows: id, name, first_name, last_name, good ‘1’,’Superman’,’Clark’,’Kent’,’1′ ‘2’,’Batman’,’Bruce’,’Wayne’,’1′ The code queries the database for all the names of […]


Sql Server tips

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Here are some basic tips for the use of SQL SERVER:   1. NOCOUNT SET NOCOUNT = OFF Don’t count the number of rows affected for big queries with a lot of joins. This will significantly improve performance   2. DATEADD SELECT count(personId) FROM persons WHERE creationDate > DATEADD(DAY, -14, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP); SELECT count(personId) FROM persons […]