Docker, makes your life easy (most of the time)

I just ran my first java application on this server.

If you remember, a couple of weeks ago I gave an introduction lecture about spring boot.  I just put this sample app on this server using an image from my personal docker hub.

Went trough the following easy steps to do it:

  • create a Dockerfile for your application on your computer
  • build the dockerimage and tag it with your repository
  • push the docker image to your docker hub
  • at the server pull the image from your docker hub (
  • run the image

Result: Your app is up and running!!

About the app

It’s a fairly simple and straightforward app. Of course that’s what I was aiming for as I was giving an introduction to spring boot. The idea is that a user can register himself and add some tips and tricks.

These tips and tricks are meant to be helpful when you start learning how to code.

For now only the registering part is implemented. One cannot at a tip yet himself. For some users sample data is added in the database at the application startup. I might someday extend the functionality. But since this is outside of the scope of a 3 hours intro, this is low priority at the moment.

Find the code on Github:

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