Spring I/O retrospect

In General

It was a great experience going to Barcelona for the Spring IO conference. I really tried to get the most out of it. I feel like that worked out cause I learned a lot.

Google Cloud

What I will remember best is the workshop on Google Cloud by Ray Tsang.

– workshop:
– code:
– Cloud console:

On the one hand this workshop lowered the entry threshold for newbies.
On the other hand it provided insight about what services Google Cloud has to offer.
Google Spanner, Pub/Sub messaging system, CloudSQL, Runtime Config … They were all addressed.

We created a guestbook application which consisted of front and backend microservices.
The workshop builds this up nicely by adding features to the application step by step.
Each step introduces you to another Google Cloud service.
Those of you who want to make the workshop yourself, check out the link above.


Google PubSub

What stayed with me is Google’s Pub/Sub message-oriented middleware.
A publisher that creates the messages sends them to a topic.
Consumers can subscribe to this topic to obtain the messages.
Publishers and subscribers are decoupled. Neither of them is required to know the other one.
Subscribers will either pull messages or get messages pushed from the topic.
PubSub messages will be delivered at least once, but can be processed multiple times by different subscribers.
Unprocessed PubSub messages are only kept for 7 days

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