Kisesis Data Streams is the real-time data streaming service that AWS provides.


AWS provides a couple of great tutorial to get accustomed with Kinesis.


If you are new to Kinesis I would start out with this tutorial:

  • create a kinesis stream
  • make a lambda function listen on the stream
  • put events on the kinesis stream
  • aws cli


When you already have an understanding of how Kinesis works and want to know more, go for:

  • Consume using KCL
  • Produce using the kinesis Producer
  • create the stack using CloudFormation
  • Learn how to implement Kinesis codewise. They provide the code as an example:¬†
  • get into metrics about your stream
  • learn about kinesis keeping State in a DynamoDB using the principle of checkpointing

I want to hold on to that last point for a minute. Using KCL allows you to keep state of where your current window is on the stream. This in turn allows you to recover to the right point. This principle is called checkpointing. More info can be found here and here.

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