We are moving again!

Last year we moved from Paris, France to Dublin, Ireland. Now we are moving from EC2 to Lightsail!

(With “WE” I mean “”)

To validate the move I already moved this website to a Lightsail version under a different domain name. You can find it here: . It is a perfect clone of this website but without the latest posts.

I choose to move since my free trial on AWS is long overdue and the extra credits I collected are all used up. 🙁

With LightSail I can host for $3.50 a month and I will still be able to make an ssh connection with my server.

What are the steps that I went through:

EXTRA: your wordpress files will be in this directory: `/opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/`

I am moving this week overnight. A little downtime is expected since I’ll be updating the DNS records in my hosted zone for

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